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I just got my bow and a stringer...but the stringer is just a string with a little thing on both ends of the string...and it didnt come with any instructions...So could someone please tell me in a detailed how to use my stringer to string my bow...or give me a link to a site that tells you how.

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jtecj -

alrighty then, kinda depends on what those little things on the end look like!

1. if they look like cups or pockets, the go on the limb tips.
2. if they look like flat pieces of something, they go on the limb itself.

Step 1. Slide the upper BOWSTRING loop over the limb tip and down the limb a ways.

Step 2. Put the lower BOWSTRING loop on the bows lower limb nocks.

Step 3. if cups, but the bigger cup on the lower limb tip, and the smaller one on the upper limb tip.

Step 4. grab the bow near center on the handle, so that the BOWSTRING and the BOWSTRINGER hang down.

Step 5. Step on the BOWSTRINGER Cord and put the bow up.

Step 6. Slide the upper string loop up on to the limb nocks.

Step 7. Remove the the cups, and ...


Step 8. Make sure that the sring is seated in ALL FOUR nocks.

If they are type 2, with the flat thingys, same principle, but the flat things rest on the flats of the limbs, and they stay there by friction.

Fairly simple one you do it a few times.

BTW - that stringer, when used on crossbows in the middle ages was called a false string or *******. So next time you lose that thing, you can say, where is that little ******* and no one can yell at you!

Here a pdf file with pictures:

Viper1 out.
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