Offering my "as new" left-hand 21" Kinetic Meos riser for sale. I just got this riser, ran a tap through all the bolt holes to clean the Tactical film-dip, put a rest on the riser and shot a few arrows. I then got a great deal on a Gillo 19" riser and simply don't need this riser.

I can email high-definition pictures of the ones in the ad if you'd like to see it in more detail. It’s a much nicer riser than you might imagine.

You'll get the allen wrenches, riser bag, rest and clicker extensions; everything that came with the riser.

So... here's the deal. I paid Alternative $123.32 for the riser with shipping and it took about two months to get. I'll take $125.00 and eat the shipping TYD in the U.S. Paypal plus 4% and you won't have to wait two months to get it. Lancaster has this riser listed at $149.99.

Here's the description from Alternative's website:

Description: CNC machined extrusion riser produced from 6063-T6 aluminium alloy. The 21in Kinetic Meos riser weighs at only 900g making it ideal for young archers or those with shorter draw lengths requiring shorter bows. The Meos accepts International Fitting Limbs (ILF) and features a limb alignment system.

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