Looking to sell my PSAX I purchased in late '20 brand new from Black Widow. Bought new for over $1600 (not including the arrows or quiver).

60" 40# @ 28" 3 piece takedown right handed. stick on hoyt rest with arrow grabber (holds the arrow on the shelf while in the treestand). Standard grip. I like the above the shelf rest as it helps with arrow flight if you don't have a perfect release (me).

Beautiful osage limbs, custom Selway strap on quiver, also comes with 1 dozen D&M customized Victory V-Force Gamer arrows with a nice dip and crest with feathers from WildFletching PLUS nine regular V-Force Gamer shafts that I fletched myself. Also comes with TWO Mountain Muffler bowstrings, one on the bow and then one new in package.

Great form trainer (40#) plus with the right broadhead should have no problem taking down deer/black bear sized game of course. I just don't shoot it much and it is too nice to be hanging up on the wall looking pretty.

Everything you'd need except for broadheads and a finger tab (or glove)- for someone wanting to get into traditional archery this is going to be a great setup- can easily order heavier poundage limbs from B.W. once you've got your form nailed down.

I've easily got $1900 into the setup, however some needs have come up for a mule deer hunt this year and I can't justify the bow just sitting here.

No trades, just wanting to sell $1500 OBO. Paypal F&F add 3%, i'll cover shipping fully insured.

I'll get pics up today!