Hey guys, first time selling on here so don’t give me crap lol. I want to say I’m an honest person and I will not screw around with you or waste your time. I’m not like that. I know some won’t buy from a new seller but give me a chance to prove myself! Anyways, I have some things I want to get rid of since I no longer use them.

1. 8” bee stinger sport hunter xtreme stabilizer 3 weights (sticker is peeling so it’s not any good) $40
2. 8” bee stinger sport hunter xtreme stabilizer with pin, 3 weights and 1.5” (longer) threaded stud with extra 3 weights $60
3. 6” bee stinger sport hunter xtreme stabilizer with 3 weights $30
4. Bee stinger adjustable elite side bar without front QD $65
5. Beestinger standard QD $25
6. TAP doa ultra light 10.75” stabilizer with 6 non threaded 1oz weights $60

All items are TYD. I will not ship the paper that was used in the pictures of the items. If there are any questions or anything please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you
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