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i just recently found out my shooting problem!!
ok, here is what was wrong, and turns out it is what one of you suggested.
i was putting too much thought into shooting. i was not just trusting the shot and letting it go. i solved this by blind baling and not thinking of what i was doing. i pulled back the string, aimed, closed my eyes and let it happen like it wants to, and i do that when i am shooting now. and also, my form was not as consistant as it could be, so now, everytime i pull back the string, even while shooting at my distances, i close my eyes and feel my form, and make it how it should feel, and how it always feels. then i open my eyes and i start the shot sequence, without thinking about it. and i also found something that helps me shoot good consistantly everyday. i only shoot for 1 hour instead of 3, and this helps me shoot better for some reason. :)
also, i have a question. when sighting yourself in for a competition, do they let you blind bale first?
and one more thing, i found what bow i am getting. the cougar 3 with elite limbs, sunburst color, and fury cams. this bow is going to be great!! peter, i know i know, i chose the cougar not the phantom 2. but i tried it out without a sight, both of them, and the cougar 3 is the bow for me!!! :) :) :) :)
thankx all for your help with the desision, and for helping me with my shooting trouble!!!
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