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Speed Drop Test (Possible Science Experiment for Any student)

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Didn't want to hijack another thread but here we go...

Thesis: There is an ongoing argument that speed bows produce a flatter trajectory (less arch) increasing ones ability to effectively hit the mark. Using Larry Wise "Killer Arch Test" we will find out how true or not true this thesis holds.

If one is not so good at ranging, then speed can improve shooting ability at longer distances. Just a thought.
Purpose: Help those who desire to purchase a speed bow. Test the arch range of hunter bows set up. See if initial speed reduces down range arch [Most chronometers are set less then 7 feet from the bow. This doesn't necessarily mean there is less arch.]

You'll be performing this Test... Go To

Supplies You'll Need:
1. Digital Camera
2. Your current "hunting bow" set up
3. A 4" Pie Plate with Solid Back Stop
4. Sharpie Marker
5. Duct Tape
6. A 50 Yard Range

1. Darkeng a good 1" spot in the middle of your pie plate with your sharpie.
2. Duct tape Pie Plate onto your backstop or target.
3. Using your current "hunting bow" set up. AIM with ONLY your TOP pin.
4. *Shoot 1 arrow at 10 yards, 1 arrow at 20 yards, 1 arrow at 30 yards, 1 arrow at 40 yards, 1 arrow at 50 yards AIMING with ONLY your TOP pin. *(Shoot your comfort zone or range max. If you only feel comfortable stretching out to 30 or 40 yards stop there.)
5. Before each shot take a photograph of the distance between you and your shot (Keep cheaters out)
6. Once done with all 5 shot take photograph of the pie plate with the arrows in the target.
7. Remove arrows. Write down on the pie plate the different ranges each arrow was shot at.
8. Mark down maximum distance you can shoot before arching out of the pie plate.
9. Post results here including your bow set up, top pin range, draw length and arrow weight.

Yes, I know Larry Wise was stating that a 6" radius was an effective killing zone. Maybe he's comfortable with that kill range. I'm not. Since this is my test, we'll play by these rules. Let's have some fun... Finally this is not a speed bow only test. I'd be curious at everyone set up including crossbows and traditional archery equipment.