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Speed vs Broadheads

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I was told today that since I am shooting around 290fps that I should not shoot a fixed blade Broadhead. Is this true? Please help! Thank you.
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Your source of information either does not want to help you learn proper form and bow tuning, or you need to find a better source. :mad:

This is the same type of crap that I heard when bows started shooiting over 250 fps (you can't shoot broadheads at that speed), and when bows started shooting over 200 fps, and ........... :mad: :mad:

For the last couple of years I have been shooting broadheads at 295 and 302 fps respectively. Both bows digested Beman Hunter 340 arrows at 70 #, 29" arrows, 4" plastic fletch, and fixed broadheads (Muzzy 100 Gr, Interlock 100 Gr, Steelforce 100 Gr Titanium and SS Premiums). I need to shoot at different spots so I don't destroy my arrows. :)

Learn proper form, tune your bow, and go with a quality fixed blade broadhead if you so desire.
Meatco1 said:
I'm shooting my Magnus, 100 gr, 4 blade "Stingers" at 297 fps. I have no flight problems out to 80 yards. Haven't tried to shoot farther.

I think that 80 yards should tell us if your too fast, I guess they forgot to tell your bow that fixed broadheads could not fly at the speed too. :p :D
Ian said:
False My uncle shoots in the 290's used muzzy 125 and thunderheads 125. Make sure their one straight with the shaft. Off just a little and good luck getting them all to hit the same spot.
False? What is false about it? :confused: Your uncle just doesn't have the proper form, or he needs to work on bow tuning.

Too many of us do it at 290+ fps and have great arrow flight for that to be a falsehood. I heard the same crap when bows went over.... well I already told you so believe what you want to.

I do agree that broadhead alignment is part of the tuning process though. :)
metalking00 said:
I believe he was saying that its false that you cant use broadheads over 290 fps.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have backed it up with evidence that supports that they work.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
I am so sorry Ian, next time I will be more carefull when I read the post.

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