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Spigatuning rest or other drop away for barebow?

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I have located a Spigarelli Spigatuning arrow rest that is brand new. It comes in the box and has the instructions. I haven't purchased it yet because I know very little about it and there aren't any reviews I can find. I saw Scott Bills has a video about it on youtube but he is just showcasing it and hasn't shot it or reviewed it.

Does anyone have any experience with this drop away for barebow? Do they work as intended or would I be better off with a Zniper or Bidrop?

This is the older model with the big bolts, see picture. Not the new Spigarelli MAP drop away rest.

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I have a MAP that I really liked, love the concept. It had some QC issues that I was able to take care of (stuck set screw, loose set screw, etc). I had an issue where the arrow was sitting correctly when nocked but at full draw the magnet was too powerful and pushed the arrow up so it was sitting in a little valley between the wire and the top of the button. Easy to adjust so that won't happen but something to watch out for. Again, I love the concept but my opinion is there are too many screws that could loosen, along with the QC issues I mentioned, so I switched to a Zniper. I suggest waiting for the new version or get a Bi-Drop, which I plan on picking up.
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