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Spine question

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What is wrong with shooting an arrow with too stiff of a spine for your bow set up?

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Bluzman said:
What is wrong with shooting an arrow with too stiff of a spine for your bow set up?

Do you have a specific bow
and a particular arrow in mind?

A touch stiff can be a good thing
and give you some options for tuning it.

A touch weak is not a good idea
and not something I recommend for most shooting,
except in the case of a super lightweight 3D arrow.

Add an arrow wrap on the back end of a slightly weak arrow,
and now you have an arrow that gets you close to
the 5 grains per pound of draw weight limit,
and is just stiff enough to shoot well.

Like JAVI says, it depends.
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Here is a new arrow spec....spines in the middle of the green for you

Bluzman said:
I am new to all this, thus my question.

I shoot an 06 Trykon-29 DL @ 65# (probably will increase to 67-68 soon). I currently use a Redhead Carbon Maxx 6075 arrow at 350gr total weight.

I was looking to change arrows (the above seem fine and have had no problems). I bought the OnTarget software to help me out here, but some of the "matches" for my set up only list either too weak or too stiff a spine......with no "good" match. I figured too weak of a spine was bad, but couldn't figure out if too stiff was bad also.

I want to find one arrow that I can use for both target (informal) shooting and hunting (wild hogs and deer). I also wanted a lightweight, carbon arrow similar to the above.


Hello bluzman:

You cannot pick an arrow simply based on the grains per inch weight.
You must pick the correct spine, which is why OnTarget2! works so well.

When you click the equipment tab,
and select a 2006 Hoyt Trykon, you also need to specify the percent letoff.
The default white box says 65/80.

If you don't do anything, the program defaults to the lowest letoff %.

I assumed you are using the 80% letoff.
Just go to the white box and type in 80.

I have selected the GoldTip XT Hunter 7595 shaft.

I have assumed 68 lbs of draw weight and a 29" AMO draw length.

GT XT Hunter 7595 shafts
Cut the shaft to a shaft length of 29"
(not including the nock or insert)

Use 100 grain broadheads or field tips

Use 2" Bohning Blazer vanes
(Use a full sheet arrow wrap)

I assumed a 15 grain peep sight,
and a 7 grain d-loop
and a 7 grain nocking point.

Estimated velocity = 282 fps
6.207 grains per lb of draw weight

FOC = 7.27%

74.46 grains of kinetic energy

This should work quite well for you.
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