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Spine question

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What is wrong with shooting an arrow with too stiff of a spine for your bow set up?

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I am new to all this, thus my question.

I shoot an 06 Trykon-29 DL @ 65# (probably will increase to 67-68 soon). I currently use a Redhead Carbon Maxx 6075 arrow at 350gr total weight.

I was looking to change arrows (the above seem fine and have had no problems). I bought the OnTarget software to help me out here, but some of the "matches" for my set up only list either too weak or too stiff a spine......with no "good" match. I figured too weak of a spine was bad, but couldn't figure out if too stiff was bad also.

I want to find one arrow that I can use for both target (informal) shooting and hunting (wild hogs and deer). I also wanted a lightweight, carbon arrow similar to the above.

I should also state that the current shaft length excluding the nock is 27" (set up this way by 2 different pro shops- isn't this a little short?) and 27 1/2" to valley of nock. I use Blazers and 100gr FT/BH tips. My total arrow weight is consistently 350gr w/in 2gr.
Thanks guys.....this is the input I was looking for....

I will make the changes to the database as recommended.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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