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Try as I might I couldn't get my Moneymaker to shoot bullet holes at 14' with the ACCs I wanted to shoot for field. Couldn't even get bullet holes up close and the tear was nock right and irregular. Now I paper tune all the time and don't have a problem getting what I want, some just take more effort than others, but this one just wasn't working.

The setup is a PSE Moneymaker at 50#, 29" draw and 27 1/2" ACC 3-28s with 100gr points, tried 80 gr also, G nocks and Easton Tite Flight vanes. Total weight 346 gr. As near as I can tell the spine is correct but something isn't. So, I drug out a number of different arrows and found an old Carbon Express 200, .400 spine I believe, with an 85 gr point and 2" vanes. Total weight 306 gr. With a tad of tuning I had bullet holes from 3 to 14'. This would seem to be over spined for my setup but it looks like its going to work.

Anyone have similar experiences. I'd like to hear from you.


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