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'Splain something to me.....

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Here's a quick question regarding Gold Tip XT Hunters and the software program OnTarget2......

68# bow, 29" draw, 75% letoff
Gold Tips' spine chart show the recommended spine as 5575
OnTarget2 calculates the 5575 to be waaaaaay weak (7595 puts the marker closer to normal).

Beman and Eastons websites show me to use Beman ICS Hunter 340 (which I currently use). What is up with Gold Tip?

...just curious. :confused2:
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Yeah, that's what I found out too. A 29" arrow works fine in a .340 spine (which is a 7595 GT arrow).

68# draw, 29" draw length, 29" arrows, and 100 grain tips. Can't get much simpler than that! :shade:
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