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FITA round:

Men Recurve
Guy Gerig 1269
Claude Rousseau 1257
Chris Duenas 1240

Women Recurve
Anna Mozhar 1283
Racheal Savage 1271
MP Beaudet 1253

Men Compound
Ed Wilson 1365
Kevin Tataryn 1361
Benny Parenteau 1360

Women Compound
Fiona McClean 1344
Charlene Parlee 1321
Danielle Racette 1305


Men Recurve
Guy Gerig
Matt McLean
Claude Rousseau

Ed Wilson
Benny Parenteau
Stewart Bowman

Women Recurve
Racheal Savage
Anna Mozhar
MP Beaudet

Fiona McClean
Danielle Racette
Charlene Parlee

AT Forum members in attendance (that I recognized):

Ed Xs24-7 Wilson
Pierre Pete 731 Gremeaux
Travis Van Daele
Ken Ken-813 Shauger
Chris araz2114 Priester
Sean McKenty
Stan Stash Siatkowski
Dennis Grey Eagle Daigle
Jeremy Vlass Vlasschaert
Fiona McClean
Matthew EnTeLiJiNt Marchinkowski

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It was a GREAT shoot.
Great weather too, even though I got a little sun burnt.

As for Grey Eagle BRING IT ON....LOL;)

Hope to see you guys in Windsor July 5-6th.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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