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Spud 1 Dry Box
By: MTM Case-Gard

Was at the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus and on the last day as I was walking around looking for something to catch my attention (usually shiny objects), I walked by the MTM Case-Gard Company booth. I stopped and went back and found several products that I was very interested in. After speaking with the rep,he sent me home with the Spud 1 Dry Box which I have found to be quite a handy archery box to take with you as a main box for hunting or as great year around storage for your archery items
Established 42 years ago, MTM is a family run business that believes in God, Family and America and prides itself on their quality and continues today to bring out products that active shooters desire.
As I looked over the box it was true, there isn’t any wasted space here. As taken straight from the website; “The SPUD 1 features an 80% usable, top access lid compartment. The compartment contains five sectioned areas where you can keep your small items separate and safe. Many features including: water resistant O-Ring seal; five section lid compartment; full size lift out tray, large comfortable handle; thick sidewall construction; heavy duty latch; and double padlock tabs.”
I found the hidden compartment containing the 5 sections to securely hold small and medium size items. The middle tray is deep and is available to store releases and larger items. The inside of the box has quite a bit of available space for broad head boxes and other small storage boxes.
Available in Camo, Forest Green and Orange and measuring 15" x 8.8" x 9.4" makes this an awesome archery or gun accessory storage box.
For more information on the Spud 1 Dry Box and the many other great products visit MTM Case-Gard at:

Review written by: Gary Elliott
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