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Thanks for the time on the write up. That's why I love this sight. The difference of opinion. A ton of what makes a good bow to the INDIVIDUAL is super subjective. People on here get so upset when someone says they don't like their personal bow of choice, and there is no need for it!

It turns out I actually shot the Phase 4 33, SS34, and Carbon one head to head today for comparison too! I am a PSE, (I'm currently shooting a Mach 34 , elite Omnia,and a Darton Spectre e 32) Darton, Elite, and Athens dealer, but we don't carry those other brands because the area is dealer protected so I have to go to another shop to shoot the new bows. Unlike you, I prefer 33"-35" bows. I didn't even ask to shoot the CP30, because it isn't my cup of tea. I only **** the Carbon one to see how bowtech did this year .

Personally, I thought the phase 4 33 was the smoothest of all felt great, and held excellent at full draw. Mathews quiet of course, and I'd have to agree with you and others that Mathews may be the best all around, squared away company on the market today. I really am impressed with their total shooting systems and the company as a whole.

The Carbon one just didn't do it for me. I shoot bows in performance, never in comfort. To me, there are plenty of easy drawing, smooth, slower bows on the market that I don't need to shoot them in comfort. I want to see what they feel like in performance. Same with the Omnia, no point in shooting a speed bow with smooth mods, just buy a slower bow then. That bow was built for speed, so shoot it as such. If it's too much, then drop your draw weight (can't wait for the comments on this). For a short ATA bow though, it held on target great and felt pretty good at full draw, but again, I prefer later nger ATA bows.

The SS 34 (in performance) was my favorite of the day. Loved the feel, and how it pointed. A small stack on the back end, but definitely not like bowtechs in performance of the past. It just fit me I think. I'd even put it head to head with my Mach 34.

Like I said, it's awesome to see how different everyone is in what they like in a bow. That ks again for taking the time to post your findings.
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