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SS34/CP30/Omnia/Phase4 today

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Scratched an early ‘23 model itch this morning. Shot each bow at 60-61lbs except for the Omnia was 63. All set at 28.5”. Loop and rest only.
Tried to keep an open mind, but an earlier post about the Phase 4 today said it best about preconceived notions.

The SS34 was simply too long for my liking. Reminiscent of the Mathews 33. Even is Comfort setting, I did not care for the draw, it just felt weird to me.

The CP30 was very nice all the way around. Well balanced, super smooth draw cycle, quiet at the shot with just a bit of post shot vibration.

Omnia was a big no based upon draw cycle. It was using the Performance mods and I did not like the draw cycle at all. The grip is sweet in typical Elite fashion.

P4 was last. The bow was decked out with all of the latest hardware. It is a sweetheart of a bow. Surprised me just how much I liked it. I have no fresh memories to make a comparison to the V3X29. The bow possesses all of the typical Mathews characteristics talked about here enough. The equipped bow balanced and held very nicely, like crazy good. I’m not a back bar user, but if I buy a P4-29 I will be.

My top picks for today were the CP30 and P4-29. The pics show how close they are in overall length, the Mathews having a slightly longer riser

Waiting now on Prime.

I did not shoot any carbon bows. After 3 seasons with a Mach 1, I’m moving away from them for no reason but simply wanting a change.
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I realize there is a whole lot of Mathews hatred on this site. As my time and experience has grown here on AT, I find there are less like minded individuals not looking to get the last/best laugh or possessing a negative/bitter towards anything and everything they don’t subscribe to.

I don’t shoot a Mathews. I will say they are IMO the most squared away archery company in the business, just a well rounded organization.

I have zero worries about rubber things prematurely wearing etc. Mathews stands behind their stuff, plain and simple.

And most importantly to me and should be to you, the only opinion that truly matters is mine.
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