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For quite some while I have been using a bolt together set up using a Toxonics damper (no longer available) and a Saunders Pro-Tamer. However, since getting my 08 Connie I have been using a 9" Bomar which I got at a good price and really liked the feel of on the bow.

Recently noticed that I was not able to get the really tight groups I had in the past. I put this down to a lack of practice and creeping old age (at 50?). At the same time I was pondering my inability, I have been teaching myself to shoot release with a different bow.

Yesterday I was putting some shaft touching shaft groups together at 20, 25 and 30 yards with the release, so figured I COULD still shoot and there MUST be something wrong with the Connie. First thing I did was mess about fitting a bunch of different stabilisers, as I know the tune of the bow is perfect. Guess what, with my combined Tox / Saunders mix the groups reappeared!

So, just wondering what you all use and if anyone has experienced something similar.
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The choice of stabs is very limited over here. Mostly they are designed for target archers, so any suggestions are welcome.

I'll look into Paradigm.
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