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Stabilizer for AM32

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Im looking for a stabilizer for my AM32, primarily going to be used for hunting so I do not want a real long one. I have heard good things about the Fuse Axium 6" & Doinkers. What would you guys recommend that performs well??
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I have an 8" posten woodsman on my AM32, and a 12" Posten Woodsman on my 35. Stellar stabilizers, they balance extremely well on both these rigs


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I have the definitive answer for you.

Do what I did.

Get a Posten 8" (Woodsman model) and mount it on a 20 degree Levan angle iron. Lot's of people talking FUSE here and I have both a FUSE Axiom and Connexion stab. and I can tell you, without question, that the Posten is superior in terms of stabilizing your bow and helping you hold better. If you had to get a FUSE I'd actually get the Axiom as it's got better weight distribution away from the bow. The Connexion is newer but doesn't have good weight distribution. But, like I said, the Posten is easily a better stab. and for similar price.

I mount it on an angle iron as it helps offset the sight (in particular) weight on the right side of the bow and balances it better than running the stab straight out from the hole. This adds about an inch to the overall length but is well worth it. I don't have any pics available right now or I'd post them.
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