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Stalker Coyote Longbow
13” Riser was built for me two years ago and is zebrawood and bacote and the limbs new from South a couple weeks ago have bamboo cores and zebrawood veneers

Excellent condition

Went to all ILF setups now

Trade for an ILF rig in similar specs or sell for $450 TYD

58EFDC69-410E-4C81-8820-24AB02A70750.jpg BEB439A8-3642-4EDE-A851-29B65102AC8C.jpg AA9A3D4A-66EA-473D-9AFC-F5DD4D44F712.jpg 7221697C-2D46-4E22-940C-250AE8ED4486.jpg 6310E884-13DC-4AEE-985F-9C0C5D9664BC.jpg
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