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I am currently hunting 17 acres with mixed hard woods and scrub brush/clover. My hunting buddy and I have been out several times since the start of this season. So far he has taken a buck from one of our tree stands that overlooks our 1/2 acre plot of clover. To the left and right and 50 yards beyond the plot is all scrub brush and weeds. The brush is up to 4-5 feet in height, which allows you to only see the neck/head of the deer as it is approaching. I have had the same buck pass to the right of my stand in the thick brush....unable to get a shot off. He will not come in to the clover area. My buddy however had his buck break off from the trail and come into the clover...where he took his shot. I am unable to get off a clean shot with the height of the surrounding brush as well as a limited shot area along the trail due to the tree that I am in. Moving the stand towards the trail is not an option due to the smaller surrounding trees. Is there any tricks to getting this buck to come right in from of my stand/shooting area? I just can't figure out why his buck came through but this one is adiment about sticking to the well traveled trail. I've watched this buck lick branches, piss on the same tree and browse a mere 20 yards from my stand. Sorry for the long post......
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