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Steelhead 125 Extreme

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Just recieved a pack of these heads and my first reaction was.....Cool. All black ferrule with Miniblaster XL blades attached. In my honest opinion, I feel the blade tips on the head are a little much and using Miniblaster 3L blades would have been a better choice so you dont have so much "tip" sticking out. One thing, the package says its an 1 3/4 cutting head, but I knew it wasnt the minute i opened the blades up. So, got out the measure tape and sure enough, they are 1 1/2 cut!! Not that its a big deal but just so you guys are aware. Havent shot them yet, I am using 100 grain heads now and was planning on using the 100 grain Wasp JakHammer. Now, I am caught between the two.......If i have my bow sighted in for 100 grains at 20 yards, how much difference would a 125 grain head make? Would i notice any impact difference? All opinions welcome.