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Steps To Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter.

I have been ask by many (not sure why) how I like my woolpower socks and how they work at keeping my feet warm. Woolpower is not the sole answer in keeping your feet warm. Just a little common sense along with these pointer and you would be fine this winter.

Let’s face it, if your feet get wet or cold your hunt is DONE PLAN AND SIMPLE. Here are some steps that should help everyone out. I also recommend not to stand directly on your stand or the cold ground. Try using some type of mat or cardboard.

COTTON SOCKS SUCK FOR HUNTING. wearing cotton socks in winter weather - is a recipe for cold feet and frostbitten toes. The reason? Simple. Wearing cotton socks during winter weather have the real potential to make your foot colder than if you wore no sock at all! How is this so?
The reason cotton socks are absolutely terrible choices for winter weather is because cotton socks have little insulation value AND because they absorb and then hold moisture. Worse yet, once a cotton sock is wet, it loses ALL insulation value - and if that wasn't enough the cotton sock, once wet, then begins to coat your foot with a nice film of perspiration (which is water, remember?).
The end result of wearing cotton socks during the winter is that as your foot perspires the sock absorbs the moisture then holds it - thereby coating your foot with a slick film of water while losing all insulation value in the process. And since a wet foot is a recipe for a cold foot, only if you really enjoy cold, wet, slimy feet should you ever consider wearing a cotton sock when engaging in outdoor winter activities!

THE PROPER WINTER SOCK. So, what do you wear for a sock during the winter. A dedicated winter sock of course. For cold weather, a sock made of wool, IsoWool, shearling, fleece and similar type synthetic materials should be used. The reason these types socks are excellent for winter wear is because if the socks get wet (due to excessive perspiration from the foot), the socks themselves do not lose their insulating properties. Additionally, these socks are also generally far thicker than a standard thin cotton sock, allowing the sock to absorb far more moisture. Moreover, and one of the neatest features of these types of socks, is that they can actually dry themselves out by simply being worn. The body heat of a person can actually dry out these types of socks.

THE MOST IMPORTANT- THE SOCK LINER. The sock liner is probably the most forgotten about asset in keeping your feet dry in cold weather. A sock liner pulls double duty – both by adding in some extra insulation value (although it is very marginal) as well as by effectively transferring perspiration from the foot directly to the sock that the person wears. In essence, a sock liner takes the water off your foot and moves it to the sock – with the sock liner itself remaining perfectly dry (due to the construction of these types of socks). Because of transfer of moisture off the foot to the sock, your feet remain perfectly dry (even during periods of great exertion), thus greatly increasing the probability of keeping your feet warm.

BREATHABLE WINTER BOOTS A boot that breathes is crucially important in keeping your feet dry – particularly if you spend many hours outdoors. The reason breathability of a boot is so important is that a boot that breathes allows your foots perspiration (also known as water!) to escape. The breathability of the boot essentially allows your foot to vent its sweat through the shell of the boot.

In a nut shell
1) No cotton
2) Good sock liner
3) Good wool or Winter sock
4) Proper fitting winter boot

MY other advice if you have a long walk wait till you reach your spot before putting your foot gear on.
Chemical heat packs along with Boot Blankets will also help in extreme conditions

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Good advice.

I have found a wool sock that I really like. Been using them for 15+ years. Tried other fancier socks but none have been this good. Read the reviews- 148 reviews and rated 4.9 out of 5. I do wear out about 2 pair per year, but for comfort and warmth even with wet feet, they are really good.
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