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Steve Abbott longbow approx. brace height and IBO?

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Anyone else own one of these nice custom longbows and know approx. brace height and approx. IBO? With the not too recent passing of Mr. Abbott (RIP Feb, 2014) an incredibly talented master Bowyer, I haven’t had success reaching anyone there to find out what the brace height or IBO would be for my 68” tip-to-tip long bow #54 @ 28”. I guess when he passed away all that knowledge went with him. ☹ The string currently on the bow doesn’t seem tuned to the right brace height, I believe it’s too long and got twisted a lot to reduce its length. I’m looking to replace it with a new one but I can’t seem to find out what the correct brace height would be once I install it. I also wanted to try and calculate the IBO for it with my draw without a chronograph. Anyone that can share what knowledge they might know would be fantastic. If not, I’ll try to ask around my club to see if any traditional archers have an idea.