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Still hunting (busted)

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I've had bad luck hunting on the ground this year , LOL .

Just this evening I set in a makeshift blind in this dry ditch in the middle of a field . I was only 100 yards from my tree stand . The wind was blowing fairly hard so I didn't set in my stand . The tree isn't a very big one .

About an hour before dark and some deer came out right under my stand . A 1 1/2 yr. old basket 8 point and a few does . Another hunter was walking to his stand down a road nearby , so they skittered back into the woods . I'm set up in a hay field near a river .

Anyway about 10 minutes after sundown I spot some more deer coming out , right by my stand again . Now I'm really kicking myself for not staying up there . The whole tree was swaying pretty bad ealier and I thought it would snap . I would have had a 20 yard broadside shot at a really tall racked 8 pointer .

He did feed right toward me and got under 30 yards . I was kneeling waiting for a broadside shot . I'm hunkered down pretty good and can barely see this deer through the grass and brush . Then my leg was asleep so I leaned forward a touch because it hurt so bad . I had been kneeling setting back on my feet . Well he must have ben looking right toward me , up went his tail and he bounded off . He wasn't too upset though and stopped a hundred yards away , and walked along a fence down to the river .

I'm going to set in my stand again in a few days and hope he comes back out . I can't get a break this year , LOL . It's exciting though . :eek: Dave
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