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Stowe Archers is now forming the 2008 Summer Field Archery League. Members and Non-Members are welcome.

The league will be set up as two person teams using 80% handicap from the previous three weeks shot. There will not be a set night/day to shoot; the only schedule is, you have to get your score in prior to the start of the next week. Just drop off your score card in the mail box at the practice butts where we will also keep new score cards. The team with the highest score with handicap that week gets the most points, the second team for the week gets one point less, etc. (Field Course is closed on the 4th Saturday and 4th Sunday of the month for Stowe 3D shoots.)

We are planning on starting the league the week of April 14th and running thru Jun 29th. We will shoot one score each week finishing the week of Jun 29th (total of 11 weeks). On Sunday Jun 29th we will have an individual tournament day (scores are not part of weekly league) with a shotgun start at 9:00am followed by hot dogs, bratwursts, and chips after the shoot

The cost of the league including the Jun 29th tournament, hot dogs/bratwursts is $40.00 for members and $50.00 for Non-members payable in full by the end of the 3rd week.

For those of you that haven’t shot a field round and don’t know if you will like it, give Curt Peterson a call at (610) 948-8469 and we can go out and shoot a round for fun.

To join the league, contact Curt Peterson (610) 948-8469 no later than Apr 14th, 2008
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