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Could Be A Lot

When You See +/- .006 As With The Expedition, That Means The Total Runout Could Be As Much As .012 And Still Be Within Spec. That's Plus .006 On One Side And Minus .006 On The Opposite Side. When You Put An Arrow With That Much Runout On A Spinner It Will Visilbly Wobble Like Crazy. You Wont Need A Dial Indicator To See How Bad It Is Running Out. You Can't Possibly Get A Broad Head To Spin True And Still Be Aligned To An Arrow That Crooked.

I Personally Will Not Put A Fixed Blade Broadhead On A Shaft That Is Running Out More Than 2 To 3 Thousands. If They Run Out More Than That They Get Field Tips For Practice Arrows Or They Go Back To The Shop To Be Replaced If Out Of Spec. With Field Tips, Because They Don't Have The Surface Area Of A Broadhead, You Can Get By With A Lot More Runout.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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