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String "Buzz" or vibration

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My Hoyt bow was shooting fine but it was a 1/2 long in the draw for me, as I bought it used. So, I went to the pro-shop today to "look" at bows and maybe buy one that fit perfectly or correct the problem.

Anyway, the guy cut off the D-Loop that was there and added a nock set so I had a direct string connection and removed about a 1/2 off the draw. It was a good quick fix.

However, I noticed a "string buzz" or string vibration that wasn't there previously prior to him adding a nock set. This was a very quiet bow previously. Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry, about the questions as I am a fairly new convert to compounds, and this stuff is mostly new and confusing to me. I am a trad crossover, but recurves are much simpler to tune and maintain. I've shooting recurves for many years, but I have been smitten by the extreme accuracy obtained in compounds. Its addicting.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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