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String making jig as part of my bow press with a spring tensioner

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OK my bow press has become my archery Swiss army knife. It was a draw board and bow press in one and now I've added a string jig too. Basically what I did was create an insert that slips into the end of the press. This insert has an integrated spring to keep the fibers taught as the serving is applied. I have a set screw that holds it in a static position when I do the initial fiber wrap. I then tie it off and use the bow press crank to add the desired amount of tension to the string as I apply the servings. It is really rather handy to be able to loosen and tighten the string tension as you work on it. Enjoy!

Stay tuned I've also modified the bobbin to make it easier to apply the serving I'll start a new thread for that. (I'm still working out the details)


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Hey BB any chance you can hook up a lawnmower or beer dispencer?
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