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hey guys, this has been bothering me for a while now. Right after I was done hunting last year, I decided to get my string replaced because it was starting to fray pretty bad. Even though the bow was only one year old, I knew I had to replace it because I didnt want it to get any worse. I went to scheels here in Omaha, NE and they recommended a zerbra barracuda string even over a winner's choice. I had never replaced a string so I didnt know what was good and what was not as good. After they replaced my string, my bow started sounding louder, having more like a twang sound to it. So I bought an sts and I liked the way it took out the twang sound for the most part. Well I lost my sts out in the field, and when I shot a doe the other night, it echoed so loud through the timber. So it has been bothering me why this bow got so loud when I got a new string and apparently hasn't gotten any quieter over the last 9 months. Any ideas on what happened???:mad::mad:
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