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I recently created a post in which I was asking for advice about my nocking point. As I had mentioned, It was nocking high ( approx 3/8"). While I had many helpful responses, none effectively remedied the issue. I might also add that it was paper tuning well at that height, BH flight was good. So I accepted it as a fact of life and went on with it... until I had inadvertently left the string stop off while retuning it with a different rest. This led to an interesting result. It was actually tuning at a near perfect 90* angle with the string. I had used this rest before and it also caused the nock to tune high, so I can rule out the rest as being the answer. It paper tunes very well now and broad head flight looks good. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Kick me some knowledge if you have.

My set up:
Bowtech Specialist (58lbs) 28.5" Draw
GT Pro Hunter 5575 @ 28"
100gr Tips
Flex Fletch Vanes (best vane IMO)
Limb Driver Pro-V

There was a business card gap between the string and stop. Thanks guys. I always appreciate your help.
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