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STS vs Bowjax&Catwhiskers

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I am contemplating getting a STS rear/single for my 05 Allegiance. It is time for a new Winner's Choice string before hunting season and I was trying to decide if I should get the STS. My other option was to add BowJax's to the cables and some rubber cat's whiskers to the string. That option costs less.
I am a bit hesitant on the STS due to cost and having something bulky added to the bow. I am not sure I would like the metal bar right there.
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A question about this string stopping business if I may. Since the stopper is round, doesn't it stand to reason that as the string collides with the stopper, it is destined to fall off one side or the other, causing string deflection? If your string hits it dead center perfect every time, then maybe not. I bet it could be tested with powder to see if the string travels sideways along the sts. When I had an sts on my last bow, the string did pop by the stopper on occasion.

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