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Suitable target arrow for my Hunting bow

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I have a Mathews Switchback @ 70Lb, 29" that a use quite successfully in the field on game.
Id like to use it to shoot at FITA Targets at my local club so I guess ill be winding the limbs down to 60LB.

My questions are:

Can i still use my Mathews drop away rest or should i get something else?

What are some recommended Target Arrows for my rig? Shaft, fletching, points etc?

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I would look at the Easton ACC's for Fita Field.

If you are talking about 30, 50, 70 and 90 meter Fita, you might want to take a look at something like the Easton Navigator.

The Pro Tours are Easton's top of the line, but unless you are shooting ALOT of Fita, there is really no need for the added expense.

The vane I shoot (along with a ton of other people!) is the Flex-Fletch Vanes. I shoot 175's but I believe the 187's are shot more people. Both are awesome vanes!

Points will depend on the shaft you are shooting but all arrow companies have target points and most are adjustable (by either added weight modules or by offering a break-off point that starts at say, 110gr. and has notches where they can be cut down to 100gr and then one at 90gr. Of course, once they have been cut down, you can't go back!!:wink:).

There should be nothing wrong with the rest you are shooting now as long as it is set up correctly and is consistent. Good shooting and God bless:wink:
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