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Like NEW Condition.

Money order = $50 TYD

Paypal = $51.50 TYD

To the Lower 48 U.S. States

I can quote International Shipping

Note: some of the pictures show the "dots" as being vertically-distorted, I can assure you they are PERFECTLY ROUND!!

Summit’s new Premium Bow Sight, the Hot Dot, brings fighter-pilot technology to your bow, enabling a single illuminated dot to serve as your pin for any shot out to 30 yards.
The Hot Dot features a clear reflective screen that provides full field of view on your target, and the pendulum sight automatically adjusts for elevation so that a single “pin” works for any distance out to 30 yards.

Past 30 yards, a simple wheel enables the unit to switch to fixed pins you set at any distance.

Other important features of this innovative bow sight include a built-in electronic level that switches off the unit if the bow tilts too far to the side, and a battery saver mode that powers down the unit after five minutes of inactivity.

Hot Dot instantly reactivates at the slightest touch of the bow.

The Hot Dot’s universal design allows it to be mounted on the left or right side of the bow, and thumbscrews ensure a quick and easy setup.

The intensity of the LED can be adjusted with no tools.

A rotating wheel allows the user to easily select between pendulum, single pin and multiple pin modes.

Up to six pins are available to set at desired distances for fixed pin shooting.

Here's How Summit's Premium Bow Sight will help you...

Vertically or Horizontally oriented pins? Neither with Summit's new Hot Dot. Clear, reflective "screen" provides full "field of view" on your target. Only one dot stands between you and your quarry.

Vary the intensity of the dot with an easy to reach textured knob - no tools required. Early in the day you might want a brighter dot; later in the day a less intense dot.

It's your choice.

Multiple settings for multiple uses. You can, by way of a simple wheel, toggle between single pin, multiple pin, and pendulum mode.

Set your bow up for a thirty yard shot at ground level, and every shot from thirty in is a breeze. The 100% clear field of view lets you see the entire animal, helping you make a quick, clean, effective shot.

Simple to set up for peep, kisser button, both, neither, and on and on.

The sight does the work for you. In pendulum mode you will see only the dot you need. No guessing!

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Not open for further replies.