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summit revolution treestand

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Going to buy a new treestand and was looking for some input on the Revolution stand by Summit and info apreciated.
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dont have the revolutin, but have summit viper xls and love it.
It is the most comfortable stand i have ever used
Summit Tree Stand!!!!!

Great choice in stands!!!! I use the Viper, best stand ever owned. Check the Revolution though, it is very, very comfortable, but I think it may be a little difficult to get into proper bow shooting position. It tends to be more of a lounge. I think you would be much happier with either the Viper or the Goliath. Which ever one you buy, you bought the best climber on the market. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just out of curiosity, a great friend of mine is trying to talk me out of buying a summit due toe the cable, he said the one's he had, the cables didnt stay on the tree when he stood up and the whole seat section would collapse on to the stand section. any expereinces like that?
Popeye, Summit is a great choice for a stand. I use the pyhton XLS and is a great stand.good luck :)
:) I own many stands and have tried climbers with chains, the v-belt like on the lone wolf, loggy bayou and others. I can say that each had some feature I like and some I did not. I used a friends summit - the one with no bar in front. Its just a personal preferance but, I don't like any thing in front of me such as bars. After using it I now use a summit climber that I bought for myself and I still use hang on stands depending on where I will hunt. I can say I never had a problem with the cables and as for me the summit is the only climber I use now. Just a note to everyone. The area where the cables go into the tube where the locking or sliding plate is at to keep the cable in. Take a file and make sure there are no rough metal burrs inside the tube so as not to damage or interfere with the cable. I love mine and can set all day in it and found that comfort can't be beat. I have went up wet trees and came back down in heavy rain and, can say that the stand did well. HOWEVER the tree was a oak and had rough bark. I would not advicate using any climber on smooth trees. LOL if you go with one. I think you will really like it.
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to heavyfire99

Your friend probably did not use the required safety web belt to attach the upper half to the tree. If you do not use this strap, as I have heard alot of other people say they don't, then the top half will easily disengage from the tree if you bump it in an upward direction, which is why this stand is soooooo easy and quiet to use. Just follow the directions and you will be sitting in the most comfortable and quietest climber out there. Last year on the last weekend in Western New York we had a huge ice storm, well at 5:00 am I didn't notice until I was 15' up the tree. I had climbed the wind side of the tree and the stand performed extremely well dispite the 1/2 in of ice my stand was connected to. Good Luck!!!!!:D
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