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SuperTec owner here

I got my SuperTec about a month ago and love it, here's my take.

quiet, especially for a "speed" bow
fairly forgiving, for a "speed" bow

Not as forgiving as the other Hoyts, but moreso than other speed bows
Only 55% or 65% let off, if you wanted greater (It didn't matter to me)
Spiral Cam does not allow for draw length adjustments.

The main reason I bought the SuperTec was because of the "back wall". I wanted that first and foremost. I will say that I haven't quite mastered the bow yet, it isn't as easy to shot as other Hoyts. But at 20 yards I have to shoot at different spots or risk ruining my nocks (as I already have). 30 Yards, I'm getting there, my group is about 3-4 inches across. Part of my problem is determining my "reference points" when at full draw. I just put a loop on, so everything will be adjusted for my "reference points". I haven't shot regularly since 96 so I have some adjusting to do as well as getting accustomed to this bow. I'm thinking maybe a kisser button might be inline for me.

Not an easy shooter as the HavocTec I shot that turned me onto Hoyt, but I knew what I was getting into when I bought this one. No complaints here. I did my research and shot many bows before I settled on this one.

I don't have brand loyalty when it comes to bows, but this makes my second Hoyt in a row I bought because it felt right and shot good.

SUPER TEC... 16 year old son got one a short time mind you he is always messing with his equipment and stuff...but...

...that thing can be dialed in to take arrows out at 45 yards with NO PROBLEM...

...I have witnessed this first hand in our back yard...he was shooting a RINEHART RAM set at 45 yards from the "archery barn"...I finally had to tell him to STOP THAT...or your buying the next dozen arrows!!...

...I don't know all the specs but he can "stack arrows" with that thing and it's set up as his 'hunting bow"...fixed pins...short SIMS stabiizer...side quiver and all... has the "spiral cam" and it shooting like 301FPS he said...and thats with his "heavier" 413gr hunting arrows with 4 inch vanes:eek: ...

...he's had a few bows the last few years and he told me...

...Dad...this is the most AWESOME bow I have shot:cool: ...I don't know if it's the bow or the boy...but the SUPER TEC combination would be well worth trying out!!:) ...

...if your a "decent" will only make you better... far as he is concerned there are no "cons" to it...

...good luck Randy 329:cool: ...sorry I was of not more help with the question you asked on the 2 bows you mentioned...but I wouldn't be afraid for one second of the SPIRAL CAM...


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I to can't comment on the havoc , but the super tec I can . I have one set on around 58 # shooting a 28.5 inch 400 lightspeed wighing in at 305 gn . and this thing is poking our 310 fps , I have to wind the sucker son or get heavier arrows as we are limited to 300 fps .

I am still learning the bow but already am holding a 5 inch group at 60 yds with it .

Have been shooting it with pins , but think I am going back to my scope , can't get used to pins .

I am very impressed with everything this bow is .Just make sure you get your draw length right when you order it .

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I am shooting a Hyper Tec and have shot the Super Tec. I prefer the Super Tec but that is only because of the cam (I hate single cams but I have one and it shoots but not as good as a daully). As long as the bow fits you meaning draw weight and length. You shouldn't have any problems. I just shoot 55x's last night with my Hyper Tec and I have shot in the 520's with pins (not great field scores but I have only shoot about 4-5 of them and the bow has a bh around 5 1/2"). They are both super fast the Super Tec however is about 15 fps faster. But I can get over 300 fps out of my Hyper Tec at 5 grains w/ 27" draw. Both bows are great shooters but they aren't for everyone. But then again no bow is for everyone. They both will shoot better than we can shoot them.
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