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SuperTec owner here

I got my SuperTec about a month ago and love it, here's my take.

quiet, especially for a "speed" bow
fairly forgiving, for a "speed" bow

Not as forgiving as the other Hoyts, but moreso than other speed bows
Only 55% or 65% let off, if you wanted greater (It didn't matter to me)
Spiral Cam does not allow for draw length adjustments.

The main reason I bought the SuperTec was because of the "back wall". I wanted that first and foremost. I will say that I haven't quite mastered the bow yet, it isn't as easy to shot as other Hoyts. But at 20 yards I have to shoot at different spots or risk ruining my nocks (as I already have). 30 Yards, I'm getting there, my group is about 3-4 inches across. Part of my problem is determining my "reference points" when at full draw. I just put a loop on, so everything will be adjusted for my "reference points". I haven't shot regularly since 96 so I have some adjusting to do as well as getting accustomed to this bow. I'm thinking maybe a kisser button might be inline for me.

Not an easy shooter as the HavocTec I shot that turned me onto Hoyt, but I knew what I was getting into when I bought this one. No complaints here. I did my research and shot many bows before I settled on this one.

I don't have brand loyalty when it comes to bows, but this makes my second Hoyt in a row I bought because it felt right and shot good.
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