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Measurement of backlash error in the elevation mechanism.
These sight use the same elevation mechanism as their compound archery counterparts, so i expect this results to apply to both recurve and compound sights. Also, before going into the results, most sights I have tested arrived in far from most accurate condition. Too thigh or too loose, some with parts assembled wrong. Do not expect your sight to perform this good.

Both sights adjusted for lowest backlash.

Sure Loc Quest X backlash measured about .0015" more than good enough.

Axcel Achieve RX backlash measured just over .0005", amazing.

This does not answer the question which one is the best, but it does confirms the Axcel is more accurate.

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A similar test was done a few years back. If by those tests all the sight frames tested proved more than accurate enough.

I believe the Sure Loc is .002" movement per click and the Achieve .00156".

Down falls are with both, but for me the Achieve has too many. Older eyes the Sure Loc has number I can see. Adjustment for the Sure Loc are all out front. The Achieve is low and back and I thought the Axcel comes with a shorter allen wrench to get to the rear facing allens.

Recurve being different, for sure those with compounds one has to consider what scope one wishes to use. If a different scope other than Axcel then the optional tube needs purchased.
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