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Sure-Loc Supreme 550 | 9" Extension | OEM condition

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Selling a new Sure-Loc Supreme 550 with a 9" extension, 3rd axis leveling block, (10/32 threads) offset bracket, mounting assembly, and all related screws and washers in original packaging.
Comes in original padded case with all paperwork. Won as a draw prize at a competition and never used.

Pictures too large for attachment but can be found here:

Asking $250USD, Canada and lower 48 only. Additional photos and shipping information available via polite PM.
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Free bump for a great guy to deal with!
Bump. I'm buying another target sight with the money, so if you've got something red I'm open to ideas.
Bump. I stubbed my toe earlier and a buyer would really cheer me up.
Bump. If there's one thing I hate about ArcheryTalk, it's all the talking about archery.
Do want, but low funds :( Bump......
Put this up for grabs in the compound sights classifieds and it will probably sell pretty quick.
Ignore the low ballers, unless it's me ;)

Bump. I used to be addicted to the Hokey Pokey but I've since turned myself around.
Bump. Price is still $250 at the moment.
Bump. I've been considering trying other projectile sports. Did you hear boomerangs are coming back?
Bump. My main sight is going out the door as well so I'd appreciate the funds for a new one.
Bump. I recently sold my Hoover as well, it was just collecting dust.
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Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the sights (not arrows) and, to sell them, profit oneself?
'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!
But sacrifice this sight to thee for a hundred
Aye that, O this conscience makes cowards of us all,
Cyclosis in thy horizons, be all my wishes be granted.
Looks like it's going out the door.

Thanks for all of the interest, folks!
Also Drogo you dabes
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