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lately i have been doing a lot of reading on target shooting and one thing i can't grasp is the term "surprise release" i have been working on back tension for close to a year. i fire my release by squeezing my rhomboids which rotates my elbow and POW(i use a hinge). i have read and heard some pros say "i have NO IDEA when my bow is gonna go off". how is this possible am i missing something or doing something wrong? when i shoot i can feel the dynamic tension in building specifically in my back muscles. also if consisten the shot should go at close to exactly the same time every shot. so if you can feel the tension build, how can you not know the shot is going to go off?

so what is your definition of a "surprise release"?

i will say that i am not "command shooting" by saying fire NOW. but i can still "feel" when the shot is about to go.

any help?

sorry guys/girls. i think i posted this thread twice. i searched it and found nothing. so figuring i didn't hit SUBMIT, i restarted the post. so if you want to respond, go to this thread
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Sounds to me that you are pretty much getting a surprise release. You stated your shot goes off at "close" to the exact same time every shot. That leads me to believe you don't know exactly when its going to go. How are you shooting?

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"Surprise" release is a bad name because it gives the idea that it is a "surprise" like someone jumping out and scaring the bjesus out of you.

Basically it sounds as if you are doing it properly. Yes you do know it's going to go off with in a certain time frame but you don't know exactly when it will go off in that time frame.
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