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WWW.SWATCUSTOMBOWSTRINGS.COM Site is under construction.
Coming soon….
S.w.a.t. Custom Bowstrings is located in Gaston, Indiana. I offer premium handmade custom bowstrings and cables to all archers via the internet.
Our strings and cables are custom built by myself, master string builder, Christopher Cooper. I’ve been an avid tournament archer and bow hunter for over twenty years and have been building strings for over fifteen years. I learned my string building techniques from some of the best string builders in the archery industry. My passion and love for archery is what drives me to build the best bowstrings money can buy.

S.W.A.T. Custom Bowstrings are completely manufactured to your specific specifications. I use premium BCY 452x materials for all compound strings and cables. However, if you prefer a different string material, just contact me for special requests. That is special for you, and a normal standard manufacturing process at S.W.A.T. Custom Bowstrings.

From traditional archers, to diehard bow hunters and world class tournament archers, S.W.A.T. Custom Bowstrings will give you superior consistency and reliability whatever your string needs may be. The name says it all…… S.uperior W.inning A.rchery. T.echnology.

S.W.A.T. Custom Bowstrings and cables will not only reflect your personal archery personality and interest, but you will have added the final touch in completing your archery equipment.

When properly installed on your bow by an approved dealer or pro shop technician, you will immediately discover the value and benefits of shooting S.W.A.T. Custom Bowstrings. Best known for reliability and performance, you will find that S.W.A.T. Custom Bowstrings look, feel, and perform beyond that of any other string supplier.

There are several top quality string builders here on Archery Talk. And I too will join the elite string builders who choose to market and sell their products through AT.
Try my strings and cables, you will not be disappointed.

I use BCY’s 452-X premium string material for all compound strings. I stock most all string colors BCY offers. I also use 3-D serving for all cam servings, and braided serving for the center servings.
The 3-D serving colors are limited to: Black, Brown, Red, and Blue. These are the colors I stock and like to use. If there is another color you would like just let me know and I’m sure I can accommodate your request.
Halo serving can be used for a small up charge if desired.

Payment options: I currently accept; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Ex,
And Pay-Pal.

Important: I will need your string information from you when you place your order.
I’ll need length measurements, serving lengths and locations (one cam
strings especially with idler wheel servings and roller guards).
please have this correct Information because these string and cables
are custom made to order and cannot be returned due to informational
error on your part.
if you can’t get this information or are unsure how, I do offer another
service. You may ship your bow to me and I will be more than happy
to break down your bow and get the correct string measurements. Once
I build your string and cable/cables, I will install them on your bow
and set your peep and knock point w/D-loop if desired. Also, I’ll do a
quick tune on your bow for an additional $40.00 And this includes all
return shipping.

Pricing: One cam bows: String and buss cable……………….…$85.00

Two cam bows: String, buss, and control cables……85.00

shoot through systems……………………….…………….....110.00

Individual strings or cables can be purchased for $30.00 apiece if you do
not wish to purchase complete string and cable sets.

Add $3.50 for US mail ground Shipping.

Orders will ship 5 -7 business days from date order is placed.

My contact information is: Christopher Cooper

PH: 765-744-5405
FAX: 765-358-4685
EMAIL: [email protected]

Call if you have any questions or need to place an order. You may order through phone, email, or fax. Fax and email order requests will get a phone response from me in order to complete your order. Please be sure to include all of your contact info. Thank you for your business!
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