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Hey guys -- looking for an answer.

I'm getting back into shooting (spots) after 15+ years. I've been tuning my 2712's and really liking them. They were fletched straight w/ 3" Flex Fletch vanes. A few days ago, I decided to fletch a few of them with a right helical. I seem to get a pretty consistent left tear from the helicals and poor grouping with the straight fletched.

Here's my setup

2010 Martin ShadowCat 53lbs 30"
Easton 2712's cut to 32.5", 300gr pin points, 3" Flex Fletch
Ripcord rest
Doinker stab+Vbars
Carter Attraction

Anybody a fan of straight fletching on fat indoor arrows? Why the left tear? Am I just psyching myself out and shooting like crap?
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