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Switchback LD vs. Drenalin LD

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Looking for some feedback on the (2) LD's. Starting to look for a new hunting rig and smooth draw, quiet and no hand shock, and being forgiving are at the top of my list.

Anyone shot or owned both and have some feedback?

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The dren ld is faster, quieter, lighter and holds better. But, it's also a bit longer so not exactly a ground blind bow. Both are shooters and I think you would be very pleased with either one.

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I had the Switchback LD, great smooth bow but not very fast. Once I shot the Drenalin LD I was hooked, now my primary bow as I sold the SB. Just depends on what you are looking for, if you want a smoother, more forgiving bow, the SB is the ticket, little more speed with longer a to a then the Dren. The SB also came with 80% letoff while the Dren is only 75%. They both shoot very differently, I took my Dren out hunting right after I bought it when I was still used to the SB, missed 2 shots under 40 yards at the same deer because I wasnt completely comfortable with it yet. It has since redeemed itself though.
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