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switchback XT

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Do I need string silencers and limb savers on the xt and if so, Are the limbsaver ultras with the double sided tape the right way to go?
The reason I ask about the silencers is because it looks like it has some sort of silencer built in. Yes / No ?
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I also put an STS on my XT and it made a noticable difference. If you have shot it you already know that there isn't much vibration (which equates to noise) from the bow. But there is still some and the various vibration dampeners can make some difference.

It also makes a differnce on the arrow weight you are shooting if your a pushing the line on the 5 grains/inch minimum the bow will be noisier and will benefit more from some of the vibration dampening "gizmo's" than if you are shooting a heavier arrow.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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