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Went from a Tru peep to a Super ball hunter w/tubing because I've fought a rotating D loop all summer. Figured if I changed the tubing once a month and carried precut w/ me I'd be alright. Went from a beautiful bullet hole to a 2" nock left tear (I'm left handed). I've tried different brands and lengths of tubing without much luck. If I move my rest 1/2" right of centershot I can get it down to a 1/2" tear. From looking at Javi's timing thread I think I'm in time.

Here's my setup. Trykon XL 68#, 30" draw shooting 31 1/4" 75/95 GT Prohunters, TT Shakey Hunter rest.

Going to put the Trupeep back in tommorow, but I can't figure why I can't make this work! I could cut an inch off my arrows, but if I could tune with one peep then why not the other. Pretty stressed right now, I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear 'em. Thanks, Brent.
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