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Tail left flight!!!

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Here is one for you all. I recently decided to change my string and had to re tune my bow, getting ready for a pig hunt. So here is my dilemma I started in my garage with a good paper tune and then out side to bare shaft tune out to 40. I shoot into a bag so I do not fully trust the angle at which they are sitting when i check them. Anywho they grouped well so i moved onto my broadheads and have them flying with my field points out to 70. Here is my issue. I recently thought i noticed a tail left flight with my arrows so I took some videos to see. Sure as [email protected]#t they are! Now everything groups and shoots well so what the heck? I do know that spine is a tad on the stiff side According to archers advantage. I have checked for fletching contact but would imagine if i had that my broadheads would not fly well. What the heck is going on!?

Here are the best pics I could muster.

Bow specs
340 ibo
27.5 draw

arrow specs
black eagle 300
28” ctc
474 grains
271.5 fps chronographed through 2 different models

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If everything is accurate, I'd just leave well enough alone and not worry about it.
But it hurts so bad lol!
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I'll bet you're getting a little fletching contact that's not bad enough to throw off accuracy, because the vanes correct it in flight, further toward the target. You could probably correct it without changing your current POI's, if it bothers you. Have you seen any marks on your vanes where they could be hitting one side of your launcher.
I will double check for for fletching contact. It drives me up the wall lol. Never had it happen before!
Is there a possibility of wind? Is this just with broadheads or with all arrows?

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All arrows. I believe i find the issue and it was my own fault. Will post an update. SMH lol
A bareshaft from 20 and 40 yards on a calm day will tell you if there is fletching contact. And you aren't overspined, AA is a good tool for some things but not determining spine. You can figure that out by adding point or vane weight and shooting different length shafts. I do a lot of recording my arrow flight, love that you're doing that.
I record myself all the time to correct form issues or gripping the bow upon release and just to critique myself. Plus the right slow mo shots look cool!
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Maybe under spined? Arrow looks like it's flexing in the one photo. How much weight do you have up front? IF the black eagles are 8.7 gpi and you've got 28" of it then you only have 243 grains of arrow, maybe 20-25 on the back of the arrow, leaving 200 or so grains up front? If that's the case then I'd guess you need a stiffer spine with a 340 IBO bow at 72 lbs. I know what the spine charts say, but I haven't found them to be entirely accurate. I think you should take some weight off the front and run a regular insert and 100 grain tip, maybe take an inch off the arrow if you got the real estate, and see how they do then. A lot of my tuning issues disappeared when I went to 250 and 260 spine arrows and didn't try to run crazy weight up front.
I thought that at first but believe i found the issue. the arrows are 9gpi i have about 181 grain up front and 20 grains worth of nock. I will hopefully get time to post an update picture today but the problem I believe was created through my lack of attention, lol. Let’s just say it’s a good thing. I was doubling checking my tune with my broadheads again before my pig hunt. Next month, could have ended bad!
What rest are you using? Could the drop away timing be very slightly off, causing a tiny fletching contact?
Qad ultra, I have video of my rest timing and arrow and we are good there. I should have an update tonight, I think I made boo-boo on my last time tuning that cause this.
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have you tried shooting a bare shaft from say 30 yards? You'd find out quickly if it's fletching contact or a nock left issue that can be fixed in several methods with adjustments to the bow, rest,

btw, pretty impressive to catch the arrow in flight like that. what kind of camera / video were you using?
Think i got it figured out, should have an update tonight. So i just film with my i-pad either in slo mo or normal (Slo mo) is better. pause the video then just scroll through to the frame I want and since i am on pause it just says there, then i screen shot.
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Hey all here is the update. So this morning i wanted to shoot my broadheads sure as hell there were shooting right about 3” at 30. ***!! ok so I mellowed out and told my self let’s just adjust the rest and get them back with my field points. I now that everything else as per timing cams and rest are good. So i grab my Allen wrenches to make a quick adjustment. WHAT? My damn Allen screw for the rest adjustment is LOOSE. No [email protected]#ing way! Hahahahaha. I could not believe it was such a simple thing that I overlooked. I can not believe that i missed that. Long story short everything is back to normal, “torqued properly” and ready to go. Thanks everyone for the help. A couple more small adjustments to get it dialed back out to 70 and good to go.

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Glad you figured it out. It's often the simplest thing.
I got pretty frustrated that it was that simple. Lesson learned
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