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Target Arrows RT or LT offset

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Putting together my first set of target only arrows. I got Black Eagle PS 23's. Going with the 2.25 Tac vanes on a 2 degree offset. Does it make any difference if I go right or left offset? I shoot a right handed bow. I've always fletched my hunting arrows right helical.
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Makes no difference. None at all.
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More offset will stabilize it quicker but also slow it down quicker. 2 degrees is pretty common.
Right vs left offset makes absolutely no difference at all. However, there are a number of AT backyard commandos who will swear that it makes a huge difference. (NOT)

Shouldn’t really matter especially since your not shooting broad heads.
ok thanks for the advise
Shoot your bow at 3' and mark the natural rotation and go with that. In most cases it will be left.
Hard to find much of anything other than left helical or left offset on any pro line these days. But, it sure looked like Bodie Turner was using right offset at Lancaster Classic.

Crackers (Mike Carter) did extensive testing comparing left and right helical and several other variables. wrong helical

I have not done enough testing to have an opinion, and not sure I have the skills and time to do enough testing to ever see any difference. Best to do your own testing.

There is no replacement for making good shots.
Clocking, still the weekly subject since June 2016.
I can assure you there’s no shooter on this sight that can tell a difference. It doesn’t matter anyway. You hear some moon cadet every once in awhile say that the arrow actually stops and then spins the other way . In fact Chris Perkins said that exact thing. When the string is twisted in a direction, it will turn the arrow in the direction from nothing other that the nock coming off the string . I fletch helical and offset for rest clearance, that’s it.
To show some at a club not to long ago, me a friend of mine took my target rig that I was going to replace the strings on and took that bow out of tune about as bad as you could get. Bottom cam was hitting about almost 1/2” before top. Move the rest way out so the arrow was pointing out to one side, then raised the rest to get nock way higher than it was. The bow had 60# limbs that when done, was pulling about 54# and draw length went from 27.5” to almost a 1/4” short. Then I took 2 500 spine arrows, 2 300 spine arrows and an x-cutter of a 150 soine. Started at 5 yards and moved back while moving nothing but the sight to hit the x on a 5-spot target. At 20 yards with all that mess , I shot 6 ends of 5 arrows (30) and scored a 150/24x. Saying that to say this. There’s so much in archery that isn’t what some think. And as long as the shooter is consistent, the bow will shoot scores . Seen pics and videos of guys shooting 2 vanes, or 3 different vanes, and some backwards at long distances and still hit the mark. Fletch the direction that gives you the best clearance and stay at around 2-3 degrees whichever you do.
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A bare shaft arrow naturally wants to spin left out of my bow. Seems logical for them to be fletched so the arrow still wants to spin in its natural direction. Whether that makes a difference, I don’t know.
A bare shaft arrow naturally wants to spin left out of my bow. Seems logical for them to be fletched so the arrow still wants to spin in its natural direction. Whether that makes a difference, I don’t know.
Logical? Factory fletched arrows come right hand fletched. Explain the logic in that....
Read this all you want > wrong helical
Note date of post -2010. 13 years later it's contested.

No charts, no graphs, no nothing except by word. 4 months of testing and with top end shooters. Ain't no doubt Crackers is great tuner, years back that's Crackers was the rage for sending a bow to for tuning.

My own shooting and working for an archery shop for 5 years, I did a lot of paper tuning. I did all the fletching. I can't remember not getting a clean hole with bare shaft or fletched.

When you read and get link to writeup - see left hand side and what Thacker had to say. Me, I'm not changing direction of fletching just because I use a different arrow or different nock.

Jun 22, 2016
Worry about your form not what helical is used!
The arrow could care less.
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