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Target lift

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One thing I thought I'd pass on... My wife suggested my suspending a lift from the ceiling of my garage to raise and lower my target bale so it won't be in the way when I work... It's something that can be easily raised and lowered by her or the GrandKids when they want to shoot.

I found a hoist on EBAY for $70 retail... They sell a ton of these thru ToolAmerica, but it is a Cable hoist that I'm going to mount to the garage ceiling on the Tandem end of the Garage... The only thing I'll have to do is rig a good suspension system. For me it's so handy because I get tired of moving that bale in and out of the way. I would imagine that it would be something that Schools, clubs and the like, might find very handy, especially if they do a lot of setting up and taking down...

For myself, in my garage, when I hoist it, it will cover the mess on the shelves above my bench and gets it out of the way at the same time... We'll see how it works when I get it set up. But a hoist like this has the electric plug-in, and the up/down switch to control it. It's about the best I've found. Winches won't work too well and Electric Winches are very expensive if they're AC rather than 12vdc... This hoist is ideal as is with simply a mounting bracket or platform to support the bale steadily. Anyway it just sounded like something that might be up your alley , or a tip you might want to share with friends ...

Dan Schmidt

These are the features of the one I got off EBAY:
Electric Cable Hoist features: A 3/4 HP, 4.6 amp motor, 39 foot cable with a "doubling" feature that produces twice the power and load support capacity., A control wand (up/down switch) with 7 foot long cord to keep you out of the way, Elevating Speed: 36 feet per min. / 18 feet per min. , Elevating Height: 36 feet / 18 feet, Loading capacity: 220 lbs (single cable) / 440 lbs (double cable), Power reverse