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target sight uses different thread size, Help!

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I recently got a target sight from my uncle, its a fairly older model but it still works great, the only problem is that the thread size of the scope i bought for it is to big (10/32). Does anyone know what im talking about and what thread size bolt should i buy to replace it? Thanks for any help
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The old sight thread size is probably 8-32. There are many sight pins and some scopes that use that thread size. That is the good news. The bad news is that that size will break with the shock of the new bows when holding the weight of a scope. Some of the old sights did have a choice of a 10-32 or 8-32 threads. If the block is big enough, you can get a 10-32 tap and change the thread size. You will probably need to drill it out to a hole just smaller than the tap. If you go with the 8-32 thread, us a rubber bushing to help support the screw.
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