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targets ?

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I have a new holt and now looking for a good target.
? bag (morrell ) or foam (the block or black hole)
using field tips on carbon arrows outside.
? which one to get.
thank you.
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Bag target.

I buy a replacement cover ($9) for the large Majic stop bag targets and fill with shrink wrap from the warehouse. It holds up great, never a passthrough, fairly lightweight and water resistant. Build a little stand to hang it from and you'll be good to go. For fita training and broadheads I'm using an American Whitetail (seconds) that I can get from close to home for a great price. I'm knocking the center out of it though. The bag is over a year old and is still stopping them great.


Enjoy that new bow! ...and welcome to the board and to archery.

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If you do get a bag make sure you get a big one. I bought the smaller bag target and I am getting pass throughs after about 6 months.
The only other problem is you can't shoot broadheads into it.

Other than that, I have no complaints about the bag type targets.
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