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TC's Game Trails Lodge up for auction?

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Did anyone else see this in the new issue of North American Whitetail? I wonder what brought that about. If I had about 8 or 9 more zeros floating around in my checking account I sure would be interested. I sure like all the footage I have seen from there over the years, hopefully that will continue.
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Would be a nice chunk of property to own, but unfortunately my check book is missing several zeros too so I guess I wont be buying it either :wink:

I would imagine that with TC being under new ownership, it must not make sense to the new owners for financial reasons to keep such a piece of property just to hunt on for the elite who's who of the hunting industry.

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The land that TC leases as Game Trails is owned by Kimball International. For what ever reason Kimball has decided to sell all or at least some of their land. This sell will include the 11,700 acres that TC leases and another 11,000+ acres in other parts of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The 11,700 acres that TC has is being chopped up into 15 - 525 acre plots. The action will be Nov 8th.

I wonder if TC will try to buy all of it. It has 2640 acres of tillable ground and 940 acres of pasture/hay fields. The rest is timber.
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